To develop a Biblical worldview in our students 

  • To achieve this purpose, the school:
    • Teaches the students the Truth of God about  man, his conduct, his need for redemption, and his purpose to glorify God.   
    • Teaches the truth of God about the natural universe and sciences.  
    • Guides students to respond to the knowledge of God and His Truth about man and the universe.
    • Guides students to live according to the Truth of God, and to influence their surroundings. 

To help KCS students become true disciples of Jesus Christ

  • To achieve this, the school:
    • Guides students to have a real encounter with Jesus Christ through faith. 
    • Guides students to a genuine commitment to God, providing opportunities such as chapels, conferences, camps, to let students respond to God's calling and to His Word.
    • Guides students to love and obey the Truth of God revealed in the Holy Scriptures and in all created things.

To promote the formation of habits and the acquisition of values in order for the students to  model Christ's testimony in their lives and impact the world for Him.

  • To achieve this, the school:
    • Teaches students to establish interpersonal relationships based on love, humility and submission, considering others superior than themselves.
    • Instructs students to adopt and practice mercy, justice and peace as coexisting norms of community life. 
    • Identifies the gifts, strengths and vocation students possess, for students to know what God has granted them and use it appropriately.
    • Instructs students in the understanding of the work as a real and Biblical perspective of the nature of God.
    • Instructs students about the Biblical perspective of service to others, so they might value and get involved in different community service activities.
    • Provides information from the study program about world missions and their representatives, so  they can recognize and respond to God's calling for the Great Commission. 

To equip education with a practical sense for the present and future life, orienting academics to concrete experiences of real utility.

  • To achieve this, the school:
    • Guides the students to understand the dignity of work as an expression of God's nature.
    • Instructs the students to be good stewards of God's creation and of the resources at hand.
    • Encourages students to exercise themselves intellectually and to participate in the open, honest exchange of ideas. 
    • Encourages students to participate actively in serving God in their local church. 

To maintain an optimum level of School-family integration, with the purpose of unifying the collaboration criteria, based on the authority given by God to parents, for the education of their children.

  • To achieve this, the school:
    • Establishes mechanisms to maintain an optimum communication level.
    • Provides opportunities for family integration in the educational process of the children.
    • Collaborates with family parents in the process of raising their children from a Biblical perspective.
    • Organizes activities in collaboration with family parents, where they can achieve the established goals together.
    • Provides parents with integration opportunities to contribute with ideas, suggestions, and the completion of school projects.
    • Instructs  students in the value and significance of the family.