The King's Christian School, a ministry of Iglesia Cristiana Oasis (Oasis Christian Church), opens its doors in September of 1996 with the purpose of becoming a study center where children of Christian parents could receive a Bible-based education.


During the months prior to its opening, the leadership of the church held meetings to consider the Christian-curriculum tools in English, from different editorials in the U.S.A. to be used, but most importantly, they were looking for God's wisdom to start this project, so He would be the center of everything to be done in this new school. 


KCS began as a small school with 60 students, ranging from nursery 2 to 6 th grade; many of these students came from non-Christian schools with a curriculum in Spanish. In its second year and at the request of families, the school found itself in the need of opening the sections from 7 th to 9 th grade, doubling its student population and needing to extend its facilities. 


During the subsequent years, the institution has continued growing, and it currently offers its educational services up to 12 th grade. Modifications have been applied to the school infrastructure, as well as adjustments to the original study program and enlargement of its general objectives. 


KCS began its academic program using ABeka Book English curriculums, as an instrument that allowed us to achieve the objectives established at the moment. Later on, and because of the national standards required and the school's own objectives, the school developed an academic program suitable to each grade, and books from other editorials were included to the program, in order to reach the objectives already established. Some of these editorials and books used for the English academic program were: Bob Jones Publishers, Saxon Publishers, Wee Learn y ABeka Book. For the subjects in Spanish such as Spanish Language, Social Studies, Computer and French, the books to be used were from the editorials SM, Susaeta y Santillana.


An education of excellence was demanding the growth in certain areas to support the academic program, and that is how the position for an academic coordinator for preschool, elementary and high school is first opened. Afterwards the need came for a supervisor for preschool, one for elementary, and one for high school. Later on positions for a supervisor in Spanish, science and technology, math, and a discipline coordinator were also established. 


The psychology department initiated mainly as a support for those children who had academic disabilities or difficulties. It was conformed by one psychologist who attended the entire school. At present, we provide help for each grade; there is one psychologist per level: preschool, elementary, and high school; we also have a specialist in the program of Instrumental Enrichment, and a coordinator for the department. The department provides a Vocational Orientation Program, Preschool Reinforcement, Busca y Enseña  (Search and Teach), therapies from National Institute for Learning Dessabilities (NILD), and Programa de Enriquecimiento Instrumental -PEI-  (Program of Instrumental Enrichment).