King's Christian School

A community of grace: a transformational community

Welcome to KCS Community!

We give you our warmest welcome to our grace community, King's Christian School. It's a privilege to serve as collaborators in the integral education of your children. We recognize the great responsibility placed upon you by God as parents, and we are glad you're seeking a Christ-centered and Bible-centered education for your children. 

May the Lord bless you, greatly and richly, in Christ Jesus, 

KCS School Board


King's Christian School is an educational institution, ministry of Iglesia Cristiana Oasis (Oasis Christian Church), existing to offer Christian pre-school, primary and secondary education to children from Evangelical Christian families who consider their children to be  their most valuable  possession given by God, and therefore, choose for them a Bible-based education. 

The basis of the Christian education is the authority, authenticity and integrity of the Bible, the Word of God, which we recognize to be inspired, infallible and perfect (2 Timothy 3:15-17). Therefore, the Bible is the foundation of the study program, the foundation of all science, knowledge and thought process (John 17:17). 

Mission & Vision

To witness a blameless generation shaped in the image of Jesus Christ, with values and principles based on the Word of God, and with academic excellence. 

To instruct in fundamental Biblical truths and to educate through a Christ-centered curriculum, to raise a generation with a Biblical worldview that allows the student to efficiently integrate in society and impact the society for Christ.